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Founded in January 2017, KIMBS emerges as an Arte Kamalu Division. Its founders, artisan designer, Nancy Ortiz, and Javier B. Ortiz, Calgarian social entrepreneur, foresaw the opportunity of portraying Colombian artisans’ culture through fashion.

KIMBS aims to globalize artisan products’ authenticity while contributing to social-economic growth amongst small businesses and Colombia’s rural sector.

The term KIMBS, comes from the word ‘Quimbas’, a common expression used by the countrymen in Colombia. Such term refers to a hand-made artisan shoe.

Our project’s goal is to modernize artisans’ products by integrating dynamic elements that initiate a successful venture into the global market.

Mission & Culture





Our mission is to improve people’s lives through a project with social responsibility .

Our organization aims to develop sustainable channels  to support artisans and local businesses.


At KIMBS, we strongly value the artisans’ work and their product identity. All KIMBS’ operations aim to make a socio-economic impact. We promote change through the product and the story behind it.

Social Impact





We strongly believe we can  improve other’s lives by fostering a dynamic corporate environment that supports small businesses and sustainable communities by portraying the artisans’ influence in the global market.

KIMBS aims to develop effective communication channels between local artisans and the global market. 

Consequently, our operations generate  fair employment opportunities for Colombia's peasantry.